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Based in the North West of Ireland,  we can travel anywhere in the UK or Ireland to get the job done for you!

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A bespoke drywall company with over 20 years experience in the construction industy.

A highly trained and motivated team of individuals to push jobs over the line every time.

Projects completed across the UK and Ireland from one featured on Grand Designs to housing developments,

from home extensions to high rise buildings.

We offer 100% effort every time and pride ourselves on every job.

We pride ourselves on our skill and our mannerisms when working with clients and other trades.



Suspended Ceilings are the fastest and most cost effective way of putting in an aesthetically pleasing ceiling that performs well. Whether it be an office, meeting room, call centre or board room, all of which have vastly different demands, you cannot underestimate the impact a ceiling can mean to the environment.  Easy to install and remove Hides pipes, duct and electrics Easy to get at, in case repairs are needed Can be used in the soundproofing of a room Lights can easily be installed into suspended ceilings A number of panels can provide fire protection Available in many different materials including plastic, wood and fibe
The materials used for remodelling or constructing a new building is of the utmost                                                           importance because it controls how strong and durable the property will be. It’s a much faster method than plastering, which takes longer to dry.  Drywall is energy efficient and usefull as an insulator Faster to build using drywall Aesthetically pleasing as it fits anywhere and will make any new office look the part due to the smooth finish it leaves.  The materials used are environmentally friendly due to being recyclable Can be sound proofed easily Drywall is mold resistant which appeals to a lot of people Very easy to repair back to great quality
The partition and wall systems we use here at Cross County Contracts are not only visually pleasing, they are also very good at their job, boasting a long durability and the options of sound and fire proofing. Covering the whole of the UK and Ireland, we are very proud of the name we have acheived and the feedback we get from all our drywall solution customers. Why choose Metal Partitions? Quicker and cheaper than timber Metal stud is completely versatile and will fit wherever you need it to Strong and more durable than wood Very long lasting as it doesnt deteriorate or lose quality with age Fire resistant, resulting in cheaper insurance
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